Clan Rules

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Clan Rules

Post by Radon on Mon Apr 24, 2017 7:02 pm

There are the clan rules.

Any Clan Member must NOT break them.

The Rules:

- Don't attack your Clan Mates. Even if their in any other team, excepting dueling or challenging them.

- Hacking is NOT allowed. Any Clan Member that got caught hacking will be kicked from the Clan. No exceptions.

- Insulting, provoking, starting drama isn't allowed.

- Scamming is NOT allowed. Any clan member that got caught scamming will be kicked from the clan.

- A small thing to note: You must also follow the Server's Rules aswell.

A small thing to note: We mostly prefer the Haitian/Cuban and the Medic skin. But you can choose any skin you want, just making sure you follow the first rule.

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